Vintage Thunderbirds Of Houston
VTCI Chapter, South Central Region
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Classic Thunderbirds of Houston
CTCI Chapter 34, Region 5

The Legend Continues...
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Cruise-in at Otto's BBQ - Tbird night
Saturday, March 24, 2018, 6:00p
The Fountains, Stafford, TX 77477
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100 drivers at the Mecum Auto Auction this year, moving over 800 cars across the auction block.

April 6, 7, & 8, 2017 - NRG Arena. 
Drivers meeting being briefed by Tom Hall of Mecum about staging and timing of cars to cross the auction block.
May 27, 2017
Drivers team with Dana Mecum, one hour before going on the air.
Drivers team walking the set with the stage managers.
Driver's advance team walking set and the logistics the day before the auction.
(L-R Tom Hall of Mecum, Ken Chance, Danny Galloway, Greg Rich)
Text from Tom Hall, consignment coordinator for Mecum.

July 28th VTOH Treasurer Dee Temple and Board member Jim McLaughlin presented a donation of $5000 establishing the VTOH Scholarship at HCC to Bea Emanuel-Sims, Development Director, and David Vogel, Dean of Automotive Center of Excellence. A special thanks to VTOH Board members Greg Rich, Ray Webb, and Perry Hallett of the VTOH Donation Committee for participating on all the site visits January thru May. 
October 2017 a '57 Tbird spotted in a flood salvage yard off of Rt 71 in Columbus. Wonder who's it was?
NOTE to vintage car owners; 
In the 50's, 60's and 70's when most of our cars were built, they were designed to run on leaded gasoline. Since, lead has been removed from gasoline in the USA. Lead is heavy. The gasoline of today doesn't weigh as much. Our older cars have fuel pumps designed to push a much heavier liquid, typically at 7 lbs psi. When using unleaded gas, our fuel pumps push too much gas into the carburetors causing flooding and the engines to run rich (lot's of black smoke and stinking up the place).
Install an inline fuel pressure regulator and set it at 3 lbs and your vintage car will run much better, no more black smoke, won't smell as bad and it'll also start more easily because it won't flood.