Vintage Thunderbirds Of Houston
VTCI Chapter, South Central Region
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Classic Thunderbirds of Houston
CTCI Chapter 34, Region 5
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VTOH and CTOH are a nonprofit organizations whose purpose are to encourage the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of Ford Thunderbirds and to serve educational and social purposes in order to provide support and assistance to members who are in the process of restoring Ford Thunderbirds. 

VTOH and CTOH are proud to be the local chapters of two national organizations, Vintage Thunderbird Club International (VTCI) and Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) .  One of our goals is to share the personal experience of individual VTOH-CTOH members with VTCI/CTCI's members, through regular submittal of articles, photographs, stories and participation in regional, international and other events sposored by VTCI/CTCI and VTOH-CTOH.



Section 1.01Name

The formal name of the organization is VINTAGE THUNDERBIRDS OF HOUSTON and may be referred to herein as “the Club” and the acronym “VTOH”.

Section 1.02Purpose and Intent of the Organization

The purpose and intent of VTOH as a nonprofit organization shall be to:

a)encourage the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of Ford Thunderbirds;
b)serve educational and social purposes in order to provide support and assistance to members who are going down the road of restoring Ford Thunderbirds;
c)provide an organizational venue for members dedicated to furthering interaction among automotive enthusiasts in general and Ford Thunderbirds in particular;
d)sponsor and support the convening of local, regional, national, and international meetings designed to celebrate and promote Ford Thunderbirds;
e)collect, maintain, and distribute historical information, technical documentation, and educational materials relating to the origin, design, use and maintenance of Ford Thunderbirds;
f)communicate current information of interest to members through the use of electronic and print media, including the VTOH website ( ; 
g)cooperate with other local, regional, national and international organizations with similar purposes; and to
h)operate on a nonprofit cooperative basis for the benefit of its members, including assisting charitable and benevolent organizations that promote safety, education, and protection of the public and similar purposes, and for all other purposes stated herein.

VTOH is proud to be a local chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International (“VTCI”). VTOH formally endorses and supports VTCI as its parent organization, and all other local chapters of VTCI. It is the intention of VTOH that at least fifty percent (50%) of its club members are or become members of VTCI. One of VTOH’s goals is to share the personal experience of individual VTOH members with VTCI’s members, through regular submittal of articles and reports and participation in regional, international and other events sponsored by VTCI and its local chapters.


A. Standing Committees:

  i. Membership: Jim McLaughlin
  ii. Events & Activities:  Steve Rubin
  iii. Technical:
        Big Birds: TBD
        Little Birds: Steve Rubin
        Retro Birds: Ray Spreen
  iv. Sponsorship: Bill Hunt
  v.  Publications / Communications:  Mary Ann Moore
  vi.  Donations:  Jim McLaughlin, Ray Webb, Perry Hallett
  vii.  Sunshine:  Bob and Anne Woodall

B.  Special Purpose Positions/Committees:

      i.  Website: Jim McLaughlin
      ii.  Newsletter:  Mary Ann Moore 
      iii.  Mecum Auction:  Bill Hunt

Officers and Directors of VTOH

Board of Directors:

1.  Ken Moore
2.  Steve Rubin - President
3.  Danny Galloway
4.  Mary Ann Moore
5.  Dee Temple
6.  ​Greg Rich
7.  Dave May
8.  Jim McLaughlin

Our members have chosen to establish a succession plan, which contemplates that the First Vice President will succeed the President in the following year.  Our goal is to rotate all officers in a thoughtful and deliberate manner - and to avoid creating a burden on any one or few members.  -
About Our Thunderbirds:

What is the Thunderbird all about?
2018 VTOH officers

Steve Rubin - President
Danny Galloway - 1st VP
Jim McLaughlin - 2nd VP
Mary Ann Moore - Secretary
Dee Temple - Treasurer
About Vintage & Classic Thunderbirds of Houston

Officers and Directors of CTOH

Board of Directors:

1.  Ray Webb
2.  Steve Rubin
3.  Richard Finch
4.  Wyndham Smith
5.  ​Greg Rich
6.  Jim McLaughlin - President

2018 CTOH officers

Jim McLaughlin - President
Steve Rubin - Secretary
Greg Rich - Director
Ray Webb - Director
Wyndham Smith - Director