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McPherson College Page
Message to our VTOH Members:

July 2015, VTOH made its second donation to McPherson College in the amount of $2,500. In December 2014, VTOH donated $2,400 to the McPherson College scholarship fund dedicated to students who want to learn how to restore classic automobiles.  McPherson College is known for its automobile restoration department and institute.  VTOH is a club of car enthusiasts who encourage the preservation and restoration of Ford Thunderbirds. 
Article 1 - Facilities

Templeton Hall houses the nationally recognized Automotive Restoration Technology Program. The spacious 33,000-square-foot facility is equipped with specialized equipment and tools to support the unique curriculum of the auto restoration program. 

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Article 2 - About the Program

Article 2 - FRIENDS of the PROGRAM
The Automotive Restoration Program has many supporters from the collector car community like Jay Leno.

            Friends & Partners

The Automotive Restoration Technology Program at McPherson College was established in 1976 through the generosity and foresight of local entrepreneur Gaines H. "Smokey" Billue. His gift of over 125 classic and antique cars provided initial funds for the program. Mr. Billue, the Templeton family and others contributed toward the construction of Templeton Hall, which continues to serve as the home to the world-renowned program.

In 1997 this unique automotive restoration program attracted the attention of classic car enthusiast Jay Leno who established the Fred J. Duesenberg Scholarship and the Jay Leno Popular Mechanics scholarship. Both scholarships continue to provide financial assistance to students interested in studying classic automotive restoration. His involvement raised awareness of the program in the car collector community. 

Today, with industry connections spanning the country and internship opportunities in a broad range of automotive settings, McPherson College stands alone as the only school to provide a bachelor’s degree in Restoration Technology. 


Each year McPherson College provides institutional scholarships to students based on merit and need. Last year, the college provided more than $4 million in scholarships to make education affordable. In addition, the college has a long tradition of raising endowed funds. At present it maintains more than 200 such funds. 

Help support students today with a gift to the Annual Scholarship fund. 

Contact Us

Steve Gustafson
Vice President for Advancement
(620) 242-0524 

Amanda Gutierrez
Vice President for Automotive Restoration
(620) 242-0424 

Check this out.....Stanford University students attend Automative Restoration Institute at McPherson College - June 2014.  Read more.... .